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Bizon Calling Card
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How to call Turkey from the U.S.

011 + 90 + area code + phone number
  • 011 ---- the exit code for the U.S. must be dialed before any international call
  • 90 ---- Country Code for Turkey
  • Area Code ---- a code specific to the city you are calling in a Turkey (3 digits)
  • Phone Number ---- 7 digits (area code + phone number = 10 digits), may not begin with 0 (zero)!
  • * Sample call from US to Turkey: 011 90 XXX XXX XX XX
  • * for calls to a cell phone: 011 90 5XX XXX XX XX
  • * Turkey/Area Codes: Adana 322, Adapazari 264, Adiyaman 416, Afyon 272, Agri 472, Aksaray 382, Amasya 358, Ankara 312, Antalya 242, Ardahan 478, Artvin 466, Aydin 256, Balikesir 266, Bartin 378, Batman 488, Bayburt 458, Bilecik 228, Bingol 426, Bitus 434, Bolu 374, Burdur 248, Bursa 224, Canakkale 286, Cankiri 376, Corum 364, Denizli 258, Diyarbakir 412, Edirne 284, Elazig 424, Erzincan 446, Erzurum 442, Eskisehir 222, Gaziantep 851, Giresun 454, Gumushane 456, Hatay 326, Hakkari 438, Igdir 476, Isparta 246, Icel (Mersin) 324, Istanbul Asya (Asia side) 216, Istanbul Avrupa (Europe side) 212, Izmir 232, Izmit 262, Kahramanmaras 344, Karaman 338, Kars 474, Kastamonu 366, Kayseri 352, Kirikkale 318, Kirklareli 288, Kirsehir 386, Kocaeli 262, Konya 332, Kutahya 274, Malatya 422, Manisa 236, Mardin 482, Mugla 252, Mus 436, Nevsehir 384, Nigde 388, Ordu 452, Rize 464, Sakarya 264, Samsun 362, Siirt 484, Sinop 368, Sivas 346, Sanliurfa 414, Sirnak 486, Tekirdag 282), Tokat 356, Trabzon 462, Tunceli 428, Usak 276, Van 432, Yalova 226, Yozgat 354, Zonguldak 372
Q: Why should I use Turkey phone cards? How can calling cards help me to save on calls to the Turkey? How do I call to the Turkey? How do I use a prepaid phonecard to reach the Turkey?
A: Turkey calling cards can help you to save on all of your international calls! Phone to the Turkey instantly by purchasing a refillable, permanent international phone card! Turkey calling can be done dialing a local or toll free access number, entering in the PIN number of your phone card to the Turkey, and dialing the number you would like to reach. Calling the Turkey has never been easier or less expensive!

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