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Lowest Rates Calling Cards To Cuba

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  Rates ¢/min Details  
Local AccessNation-Wide
Jupiter Calling cards from USA to Cuba
70.0¢72.0¢No Fee
Lucky Minutes Phone cards to Cuba from USA
72.5¢73.5¢88¢ / week
18¢ connection
Master Cent Calling cards to Cuba from USA
77.1¢78.1¢89¢ / week
Bizon for Calling Cuba from USA
78.7¢79.7¢No Fee
Solaris for Calling from USA to Cuba
86.6¢87.6¢No Fee
Cardinal to Call Cuba from USA
90.0¢91.0¢No Fee
Champion to Call from USA to Cuba
126.0¢127.0¢No Fee
USA to Cuba calls with Mozart
 150.0¢No Fee
Cuba from USA calls with El Toro
 160.3¢No Fee
AT&T Phone cards from USA to Cuba
 480.0¢No Fee
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Gift Card Calling cards from USA to Cuba
  No Fee
Neighboring countries: Haiti   Guadeloupe   Grenada   Dominican Rep.   Martinique   Montserrat
( ) Listed minutes are based on one call using a local access number (if available). Application of carrier surcharges and fees has the effect of reducing total minutes actually received. Please see the phone card's details for complete information.

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